Marrung-pa's ultimate aim is to secure long-term, fruitful employment for our indigenous candidates. We recognize that this is only possible with the support, dedication and encouragement of the right people aligning for a common goal.
Marrung-pa understands the intricacies and issues that are unique to the indigenous culture and as such can work with your business to ensure a smooth transition for our Marrung-pa candidates.
We boast strong strategic alliances with many providers to the indigenous community including trainers, land councils, schools and local communities which helps us to provide the very best service to our clients.

  • Marrung-pa Indigenous Personnel is committed to finding long-term employment opportunities for our candidates.
  • Marrung-pa employs indigenous people within our own company to ensure that Marrung-pa employees are culturally aware of the challenges that face many of our candidates.
  • Marrung-pa takes a holistic view of indigenous employment and understands the very first steps are the most important in any journey.

Preparation for Employment

Marrung-pa candidates undergo basic skills testing and a skill set deficiency identification process prior to training. This is to make sure that once a candidate enters a training program or employment, they are sufficiently capable of performing the task required.
Marrung-pa also focuses on preparing the candidates emotionally and psychologically for their long-term employment. We work to motivate and build the self-esteem of our candidates to match our clients expectations and needs.

Marrung-pa is committed to tackling the basic skills, training and employment issues of our candidates to ensure as smooth a transition as possible into a life long successful career.


Marrung-pa aims to make valuable relationships between the employee and employer by ensuring that, from the very beginning of the process that the employee is:

  • Committed to the industry and career path
  • Dedicated to the employer
  • Understands the employer's aims and objectives


Marrung-Pa: Good Place.